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Tom Wambua
Tom Wambua Mboya - CEO
dianna kongo
Diana Kongo -HR & Finance

Our Story

Granary Capital Ltd (GCL) is a Credit Only micro finance company licensed to carry out the business of providing a wide range of financial services. GCL was formed in January 2014, by a group of entrepreneurs who, upon extensive research, realized there was a wide funding gap in the small and medium enterprises sector. This gap was as a result of the existing financial institutions using the traditional model of lending, whereby borrowers required physical collateral in order to access even short term lending facilities. GCL is run by highly qualified personnel who have offered over 15 years of combined experience in the financial sector working for renown major banking institutions in Kenya assisting businesses in financial aspects of their operations

We keep our word


Granary Capital Limited endeavors to provide loans to our clients within 24 hours of full documentation by our clients. Once our credit officers verifies and captures a client’s documents, we undertake to disburse the loan promptly and efficiently, through M-pesa and other mobile money platforms. Loan collections will be through our dedicated pay bill number as well as Internet banking, allowing our customers the flexibility to focus on their core business of growing their enterprises. We also have a professional and caring credit team who will consistently engage our valued partners on business performance and offer advice to ensure efficient business practices and innovation. We take integrity very serious, hence we ensure that the promise is met. 

Meet Our Team!

We have assembled a team of professionals who come with a wide range of experience with the passion to serve you.

Tom Wambua

Tom wambua Mboya

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Nzioka

Martin Nzioka

Operations Manager

Maxwell Gweyi

Maxwell Gweyi

Business Development Manager