What We DO

We are the benchmark provider of customized financial solutions to our customers.

What we do

We mobilize and prudently utilize financial resources for the economic empowerment of our customers through loan disbursement within 24 hours.

asset financing


salary advance

Salary Advance

We have partnered with several SMEs and other corporate to provide short-term loans to their staff. We realize SMEs would like to maintain their cash flow, which is normally affected when they provide advances and emergency loans to their staff

biashara loan

Biashara Loans

This loan product targets small and medium enterprises that periodically require additional working capital, technological improvements and other business growth requirements.

asset financing

Asset Finance

This is for individuals who would like to acquire or upgrade assets without having to tie their capital in the purchase. This is targeted at those planning to acquire business tools, vehicles and machinery.

LPO Financing

We will partner with reputable organizations so as to fund their suppliers to meet their obligations and orders. Depending on the scope of the order, the LPO will form part or all the security through strategic MOUs

Granary Amana (Sharia Compliant)

The management is pleased to introduce a new product under the quoted name, Granary Amana. To be in line with one of our core values of INNOVATION, this new product will seek to tap-in a segment in the market which is currently unexploited due to the faith professed by the businessmen therein: the Muslims. They engage in various types of businesses ranging from hotels, electronics, sale of clothes, perfumes, real estate, car dealers just to mention but a few. .

invoice discounting

Invoice Discounting

To help manage your business cash flow, invoice discounting releases funds from your unpaid invoices, while you maintain responsibility for collection of payments. Our market-leading product, enables instant access to cash from your invoices in 24Hrs.

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Granary Capital Limited endeavors to provide loans to our clients within 24 hours of full documentation by our clients. .

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